Current Episode 05.22.2019

Highlights: Buckle Up, Wayward Great White, New Coke Nostalgia, Instagram Outrage, NBA History and Weight, What?

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KiDNuZ is a weekday, nonpartisan news podcast created just for kids. Listen in for today’s top stories, from current events and politics to entertainment, sports, science and more!

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Our Mission Statement

KiDNuZ is the brainchild of 4 Emmy Winning news professionals who believe kids deserve a broadcast all their own. Five minutes of news that will inform without bias, and educate without opinion.

Why? Because kids are curious, the world is fascinating, and knowledge is power.

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This podcast is an amazing way to teach your kids the importance of caring about what goes on in the world around them, while still trusting they aren’t taking in any information that is inappropriate for them.
Parents Magazine
Every day, my son (8 years old; 3rd grade) and I don’t miss a ride to school without listening to the KidNuz podcast. The website has brightened my morning ride with my son each day and actually added value to his growing development. My kid loves it. If I fail to set up the broadcast within the first two minutes of getting in the car, I’m quickly scolded. My son listens intently to the stories, a skill I all-too-rarely see exhibited at home. It’s well designed. The creators know kids and they know news that will engage them.
Erik Burmeister, Menlo Park City School Superintendent
This is awesome! My kids and I listen to KidNuz every morning. Easy to understand, relevant, and fun! We highly recommend it!
Jennifer DiBrienza, Palo Alto School Board President
As a therapist and parenting specialist, I have been telling all of my clients and students to check it out. It's a great way to teach kids about what's going on in the world without bombarding them with the negative images and biases that exist in our network news outlets. KidNuz is a great, nugget-sized springboard for thought provoking conversations between parents and kids and to teach their family values along the way. I love starting my day with it, too!
Bette Alkazian, LMFT
KidNuz is part of every morning ride to school! I don’t remember life without it. It is wonderful to be able to share the world with my children. Thank you *so* much to the ladies behind it!
Susan, Mom of 2
I carpool a bunch of kids in the mornings and once they’re all in the car they all yell “KIDNUZ!!” Then they compete to answer the KidNuz Quiz questions the quickest. Most awesome way to start the day!
Hilary, Mom of 2
This is really cool. Kids need to be given autonomy and access to knowledge about the world around them. I've seen so many kids be removed from grown up conversations like news, despite being able to understand key concepts. This leaves them frustrated from exclusion. Having something like this acknowledges them as an growing, learning individual. Very cool.
Jelena, KidNuz fan
Such a great idea! My oldest who's 10 loves listening to "Wait, wait, don't tell me". But I always have to scramble and fast forward on something that's not so appropriate. Five stars, ladies!
Maggie, Mom of 3
This is great. I listened and I really like it and signed up already. I have a 7 & a 10 year old and they are always asking me, particularly the 10 year old: "Mum tell me/us what's going on in the world" and then I proceed to summarize trending news and information. I will still do this, but this podcast gives them an opportunity to hear and digest information first hand. I also like the quiz , I can see my kids listening intently to ensure they get all the answers right.
Lola, Physician & Mom

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